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Training in IECEx and ATEX to 60079-19

Proceeding the publication of AEMT's and BEAMA's jointly produced first code of practice for The Repair and Overhaul of Electrical Equipment for us in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres, the association has put together a selection of modules covering the Theory and Practical nature to ATEX and IECEx equipment repair. Jobs, Positions and Careers.

Target Audience

Since 1984 the AEMT has trained delegates from the Repair Industry and personnel from the following sectors:

Who should attend?

It is important for a manager or supervisor to attend the courses so that they become the “Responsible Person” able to fully understand and take responsibility for ex repairs.

All other staff refurbishing Ex explosion protected apparatus should also be trained.

It is recommended that a minimum of two electrical or mechanical engineers/technicians should attend the courses per company.

This may also include maintenance staff looking after Ex motors, generators, pumps, fans, gearboxes, valves, and instrumentation, or involved in the replacement of spare parts such as bearings

The courses are also recommended for administration, sales, and stores staff requiring a knowledge of equipment suitability for zoned areas.

Module 1 - Ex Theory

The aim of Module 1, is to prepare delegates working on Ex equipment with a comprehensive understanding of the:

  • protection concepts and standards used to make equipment suitable for each ATEX zoned area.
  • correct procedures and practices to comply with original manufacturers certificate or
  • correct procedures and practices to comply with original standards used
  • legal requirements, risk assessments andhealth and safety

Course Outline

Module 2 - Hands-on

The aim of Module 2, is to prepare delegates working on ATEX equipment with a working, hands-on understanding of the topics covered in Module 1

Course Outline

Module 3 - Hands-on Refresher

For all those that have attended and passed Modules 1 and 2 and have been repairing hazardous area equipment and require a refresher, Module 3 is the refresher course.

Course Outline

IECEx Certified Service Facility

Currently 38 companies trained by the AEMT have had their workshops successfully audited as IECEx Certified Service Facilities; these are listed on the AEMT Ex register. To date the AEMT has trained staff in over 86% of all IECEx Certified Service Facilities in the UK, Middle East and South East Asia. A number of delegates have also gone on to be successfully assessed and audited for their individual IECEx Personal Competency Certificates. 

Lead Lecturer:


Dr. Martin Killeen FlfL. CEng. MIET
Senior Lecturer

Martin joined the AEMT in September 2016 after retiring as the Head of Technology at Loughborough College.

He is one of the very few IEC Ex Certified Persons to have completed both Units Ex 001 and Ex 005, essential for the teaching of our course. 

View Martin's Certificates here

Martin started his career with an apprenticeship at Brush Electrical Machines, before becoming their senior design engineer for traction and also Turbo Alternators. He has been involved with the AEMT Hazardous Area Courses since 1996. Over those years he has built up a tremendous knowledge of IECEx standards with regards to Hazardous Areas, and trained a large number of engineers and technicians involved with Hazardous Area Equipment Repair.


A copy of 'Guidelines for 60079-19 Ex Equipment Repair, Overhaul & Reclamation' is available to delegates who have completed a training course with us. 

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Training Dates

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November 2018
Mon 19th November - Tue 20th November
AEMT Mod 1 Ex Theory Course
Venue: Aberdeen
Course Level: Mod 1: Ex Theory
Mon 19th November - Tue 20th November
Venue: Aberdeen
Course Level: Mod 3: Hands-on Refresher
Wed 21st November - Thu 22nd November
AEMT Mod 2 Ex Hands-on
Venue: Aberdeen
Course Level: Mod 2: Hands-on
December 2018
Tue 4th December - Wed 5th December
AEMT Mod 1 Ex Theory Course
Venue: Loughborough
Course Level: Mod 1: Ex Theory