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Getting on the AEMT Ex Register

Criteria to be listed on the AEMT Ex Register:

  1. At least one Responsible Person of management status, who has attended the AEMT courses, and oversees the Hazardous Area Equipment Repairs.
  2. At least 2 Certified employees that have attended the AEMT courses on The Repair of Hazardous Area Ex Equipment within the last 3 years and carry out the equipment servicing and repairs.
  3. ISO 9001:2015 quality system, 
  4. Calibrated equipment suitable for the sizes of machine repaired
  5. Repairs carried out to the latest version of BS EN 60079-19 or IEC 60079-19 Standards
  6. A library of Certificates and Standards covering the range of equipment being repaired.
Companies are full members of the The Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT). They have trained responsible person(s) and at least two employees (operatives), who carry out the repairs to Ex equipment. The staff have attended the AEMT courses on the repair of Hazardous Area Ex equipment to the International and European standards BS EN IEC 60079-19. They have been successfully assessed, and awarded a certificate by the AEMT. The certificate requires updating every three years by a refresher course and re-assessment. 

The companies also hold an approved quality control system such as ISO 9001:2015 incorporating all aspects of repairs to Hazardous Area Ex motors, and other apparatus, ensuring that they are carried out to the latest version of BS EN IEC 60079-19 standard. These international standards were derived from an earlier Code of Practice published jointly by the AEMT and BEAMA, in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive. This also ensures that all equipment used for the repairs is properly calibrated, and that the data concerning each repair is correctly recorded.

Each company must have a responsible person(s) appointed within the management of the organisation, with a working knowledge of the concepts and standards applying to the repair of Hazardous Area Apparatus, and responsible for ensuring that the repaired equipment remains safe and conforms to the original standards, and/or certificate.

The companies have staff that have been assessed on their ability to service and/or repair:
  • Certified Hazardous Atmosphere Equipment, such as Motors, Pumps, Fans, Generators, Transformers etc manufactured to the following protection concepts:
  • Flameproof: Ex d, Ex d, Ex de.
  • Increased Safety: Ex e, Ex ec Ex eb.
  • Non Sparking: Ex n, Ex na, Eex na.
  • Dust: tD, and other standards of Hazardous Area Apparatus.
  • Pressurised: Ex p
  • Mechanical Standards: Ex c (constructional safety), k (liquid immersion), and b (control of ignition sources)

Where possible the apparatus will be repaired to the original certificate, however if the certificate is not available, the apparatus will then be repaired to the original construction standard. This ensures that the requirements of the above international standards are met, and also in Europe the responsibilities under ATEX.

If you aren't on the AEMT Ex Register and feel you should be then make a request here:

Ex Register Request

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