AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

The Secretariat - AEMT Staff

The Secretariat

Thomas Marks

As Secretary, Thomas works directly with the council and executes the direction of the association. He joined the AEMT in 2013 taking responsibility for the Marketing & Events until 2017. After many years on events and marketing in London, Thomas brought his experience to the AEMT giving the association the rejuvenation and energy required to take it to where it is now.

Tim Marks

Tim supports the association with experience, technical knowledge, and is convenor of the IEC standards committee TC2, MT13 Maintenance Team for Refurbishment of Rotating Machinery. He retired as secretary of the Association in 2017. Until 2004 Tim ran a small rewind company and a company specialising in vehicle diesel and electrics. Before he became secretary, he served on the AEMT council from 1982, and became President of the AEMT in 1990 and 1996.

Jane Garnett

Jane has been carrying out the administration of the AEMT since 2001. As well as looking after booking s for courses and meetings, she also updates the yearbook each year, and puts together the monthly newsletters. Having proof read the yearbook each year since 2001 she has a tremendous knowledge about all the members in the association.

Dr. Martin Killeen FlfL. CEng. MIET
Senior Lecturer

Martin joined the AEMT in September 2016 after retiring as the Head of Technology at Loughborough College. He started his career with an apprenticeship at Brush Electrical Machines, before becoming their senior design engineer for traction and also Turbo Alternators. He has been involved with the AEMT Hazardous Area Courses since 1996 and is one of the few lecturer's in the world to have both Units Ex 001 and 005 personal competency for IEC Ex. Over those years he has built up a tremendous knowledge of IECEx standards with regards to Hazardous Areas, and trained a large number of engineers and technicians involved with Hazardous Area Equipment Repair.

Samantha Agnew
Events and Membership

Sam founded her own events company back in 2011, and more recently established a website to network local freelancers to local companies. Her passion and enthusiasm for getting people together is reflected in the work she does for the AEMT. Having recently joined the association part-time in October 2017, she is enthusiastically learning all she can about the associations range of members and the services they provide. She even admits to developing a bit of a soft spot for motors, pumps, and gearboxes!

Consultants & Support Staff

Dr Donald Jackson B.Sc. Hons. PhD

Recently Chief Engineer and Senior Electrical Advisor for Cummins Generators from LV to 3MW. Formerly Technical Director of Brook Crompton, and before that Head of Research, and Product Development Manager at Brook Crompton. He has also been a lecturer for the AEMT on Hazardous Area Courses since 2007.

Brian Philpott
Support Lecturer

After many years in the industry as an approved Electrician, Foreman, Supervisor, and Manager, which included working on Hazardous area equipment worldwide, he joined Loughborough College as a lecturer in 2005. He became course leader for the AEMT Motor Rewind Apprentice Scheme and JTL Apprentice Electricians Scheme. He has since retired from this role and now occasionally helps out as a support lecturer on the Hazardous Area Courses.