AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

AEMT Secretary's Message

Mr Tim Marks - AEMT Secretary

Looking back at 2017, the association and the industry has adapted to the increasing pace and nature of the world we now face. In the secretariat, I have taken over as Secretary to the council, while Tim Marks steps back into a more advisory role. Apprenticeships are changing as we embrace a more company centric training standard. We also welcome our first associate president to the AEMT, Gary Downes.

Taking on the new role, I bring enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the association’s administration. It has allowed the secretariat to focus on the future of our operations, while allowing more room for support and representation from both technical and legal standpoints.

We also employed Samantha Agnew, as our dedicated Events and Membership Manager. Sam has a track record for producing exceptional events, and is enthusiastically learning all she can about the industry to provide members with better service. I hope you all get to speak to her over the phone and meet her at future events, or better yet; support her by joining the marketing and events committee.

Our major task for 2018 is to re-launch the AEMT conference with an engaging speaker program, and busy trade show. We want to ensure that all members, no matter how large or small, full, associate, or allied, will get something of value from the day. We also want to make sure that the Conference promotes the quality ensured by AEMT members, and encourages trade amongst the industry. To achieve this successfully we will listen to your requirements, and we need support from those members who can offer it.

Getting fresh blood into the industry, within the UK particularly, is of continual importance. Apprenticeships are changing to a new format, which puts companies back in control of their training requirements. Dr. Martin Killeen is currently working hard to ensure that AEMT members are offered a succinct route through the MOET (Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician) apprentice standard and training in areas such as rewind and repair are both offered and assessed properly.

I’m very pleased to be starting my role as secretary at a landmark moment for the association. Gary Downes is our first associate president, and it goes to show how important their role is in the association. His perspective of the industry comes from an angle that many full members are unable to see. His direction will be of great help to myself and the association. 

Thomas Marks
Association Secretary.