AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

AEMT Secretary's Message

Mr Tihomas Marks - AEMT Secretary

After a tumultuous 2020, we are pleased to bring back the AEMT Yearbook. For many of you it is an essential desk item and an industry bible in which to turn. The contents of this yearbook are also available on the AEMT website, but the speed at which information is accessible in a condensed yellow yearbook within arm’s reach, still can’t be competed with digitally! Just remember, that the information it contains is only accurate to the date on which it was printed – so please double-check our websites for current dates and information.

Since the last yearbook, your trade association has changed quite a bit from within. We have a new team of staff after the retirement of Tim, Jane and Martin – and this is the first yearbook to be produced without Jane’s herculean efforts to update your profile details. Fortunately due to the advances in technology – this process has now been done by yourselves. Lesley and I thank you very much indeed for taking this burden off us, and ensuring your records are accurate. You can find descriptions of the new workforce within these pages, and I encourage you to give them your attention.

With a new team in place, it’s been an excellent opportunity to do some self-reflection and re-find our raison d'être. After some tireless work by the strategic direction group, we have sett led upon our statements. You can also find these within this edition of the Yearbook. I hope you all agree with the sentiments of these statements, and that they give you reason to continue supporting the good work the AEMT does for the industry. In 2022 we will begin trialling ways of bringing the leaders of our member organisations together, in a way which will aid in the dissemination of best practice, growth, and offer support networks. We will be looking at ways the AEMT can help rewind/service organisations to consolidate and improve their business models, so that they can be more certain of the future they face.

The AEMT itself will also be embarking on an exciting project with York University so we can find a workable solution for providing practical training to members all over the world, breaking out of the confinements that classroom-based and online ‘zoom’ training brings.

Finally, sticking with our vision for a safe, productive, reliable and efficient world in which to prosper by following international standards, we will be launching a unique online portal to BSI standards. We will be listing up to 50 common standards our industry should be working by, and making them available to members for a small monthly subscription.

Speaking to many of you, the latter half of the year has been extremely busy. I wish you all a great end to the year, and an opportunity to rest and recuperate. We love to hear from you, so if there is anything you want to discuss or suggest, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or any of the team.


Thomas Marks
General Manager, AEMT