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SAMATIC Winding Co. a Division of Jenlor Limited.
SAMATIC is a global company established over 30 years ago with over 3500 customers located in 77 countries and services centers located around the globe.

  1. Automatic Winding Machines: SAMATIC Manufactures and Supplies the legendary SAMATIC Line of Automatic Coil Winding Machines for Electric Motors/Armature/Generators and of the SAMATIC Line of Automatic ALL-IN-ONE Digital Motor Testers.

SAMATIC offers 3 types of automatic machines for the Motor Repair shops. Shops always have random and changing coil winding requirements. To them we offer one of the three: SAMATIC 2780, SAMATIC 2780EXT, and SAMATIC 3780. SAMATIC also offers 24 different automatic types of machines for the small to medium coil manufacturers that have Production run requirements.

Each SAMATIC is fully automatic for any type AC/DC coil, for Coils ranging from 50mm - 2000mm in diameter, 1 - 80 wires in hand and for round, square or rectangular wire(s).

  1. Automatic Digital Motor Testers: SAMATIC develops and manufactures the All-In-One Automatic Digital Motor Testers. These are the most advanced testers on the market with a host of unique features. All SAMATIC testers are lightweight, rugged and provide clear and complete documentation - Perfect for in-house and on-site motor testing and analysis. Since 2015, SAMATIC testers expanded their range and added the new Touch-and-GO line, where the tester runs the sequence of tests with only one finger touch. Also, the tester easily communicates with any Smartphone or Tablet far away, and all the results can be sent to any destination in just seconds.

  2. Distributors: We do not have distributors. We only sell DIRECTLY around the world. This way we pass the savings right to you, the customer. Our service/support teams are available 24/7 and each of our products is custom built for a long, trouble free life.

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