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16 March 2021
The challenges of Covid-19 are affecting every business and where possible, some aspects have been transferred to an online setting. Professional training remains as important as ever and the AEMT has developed online courses that enable delegates to complete training on Ex-rated equipment to acquire or renew certification.
20 January 2021
Over the past 30-plus years, we have been made more aware of the impact of global warming and the consequences it has on our everyday lives. Corporations and individuals alike have a responsibility to reduce waste and strive to be more efficient with the resources we use. Improving the efficiency of electrical equipment reduces the demand on generation plants, allowing renewable sources to produce a greater proportion of the overall requirement. Thomas Marks, AEMT Secretary, looks at how the service and repair sector can help operators of electrical equipment to reduce running costs and their environmental impact at the same time.
Member News
15 December 2020
Megger Ltd are pleased to announce that PAR Insulation & Wires Ltd have been appointed as UK & Ireland distributor, covering the Megger Baker range of motor testing equipment.
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11 December 2020
With nearly 8000 pumps in the system, The Pump Exchange provides the most suitable Wilo pump replacement for both existing older Wilo pumps, as well as alternatives to other brands.
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10 December 2020
Variable-frequency drives are commonly used for energy-efficient control of alternating-current motors. However, they can induce shaft voltages which leads to bearing and motor failure. Bearing Protection Rings are a relatively new and cost-effective alternative for protecting bearings against electrical damage.
27 November 2020
Operating equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres comes with a certain amount of responsibility, not least to use correctly designed components that have the features necessary for the environment. When maintenance and repairs are required, it is important that operators understand what is expected of them to ensure continued safety and reliability. Karl Metcalfe, Technical Support for the AEMT, looks at the knowledge and responsibilities that are expected when it comes to managing electric motors in zoned areas.
29 October 2020
Changes to the way we promote your membership profiles on the AEMT website.
15 October 2020
Renew finds out how AEMT members have adapted in recent months to ensure it remains ‘business as usual’ for their servicing and repair offerings.
15 October 2020
The thought of reading through lengthy standards documentation strikes fear into many! But Karl Metcalfe believes there are several ways that users of electric motors can benefit from having an understanding of the BS EN IEC 60034-23 repair standard.
Member News
07 October 2020
Following on from its recent announcement regarding investment in a new facility, electro mechanical engineering specialist Houghton International is recruiting for a range of sales, marketing and business development roles to support further growth regionally, nationally and internationally.

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