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06 September 2018
Jennie Gordon speaking to David Donoghue of Drummotors and More at the association’s 73rd AGM in Jun
Jennie Gordon retired at the end of August from MGC Systems. Many will have met Jennie at AEMT meetings, who is easily recognisable with her flush of bright red hair.
Member News
03 September 2018
Rapid Solutions new 'Cruser' Technology
Rapid Solutions, an AEMT member based in Baku, Azerbaijan recently added a specialist rewind facility for submersible pump motors within its existing IECEx accredited service facility. As a result, it has cut time-to-completion massively and won a prestigious order from one of the Caspian Regions Oil and Gas Industries major operators.
Member News
07 August 2018
Quartzelec assists Egyptian Gas Refinery with the life extension project on one of their production
Due to vast experience and knowledge in working to certified standards in the oil & gas and marine sectors, the Aberdeen facilities of Quartzelec, the independent engineering service provider that’s globally recognised as an expert in rotating electrical machines, secured and recently delivered an order to refurbish an initial 60 ‘Ex’ certified Low Voltage motors for an Egyptian gas refinery.
Member News
02 August 2018
Ian Welsh appointed National Sales Manager for the UK Rotating Machines business
Ian Welsh appointed National Sales Manager for the UK Rotating Machines business
Member News
26 July 2018
Electro mechanical engineering specialist Houghton International is celebrating following a series of award wins, cementing its position as one of the North East’s leading employers.
25 July 2018
Friendly rivalry can drive success
It is natural for business people to be cautious when it comes to dealing with competitor companies, but the world is not entirely dog-eat-dog; sometimes a bit of friendly rivalry, co-operation or mutual support can pay handsome dividends. Here Thomas Marks, Secretary of the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT), speaks to some members about their experiences and concludes that there is more to be gained than lost by keeping in touch with others in your industry.
Member News
25 July 2018
Test field for electrical motors and generators up to 11 kV.
Thomas Marks, secretary to the association, visits PARTZSCH Elektromotoren to find out how a German electrical engineering behemoth has boomed since the fall of the Berlin wall.
Member News
25 July 2018
Joe Turnick of AEV with his new works van.
Manufacturers of Resins, Varnishes, Compounds and Insulations; AEV Ltd has created a mobile laboratory so that it can take its test and analysis services to the customers’ doors. It is an interesting story of adapting to changing market needs, improving customer services and using innovation to kick-start a whole new business opportunity, as Key Account and Distribution Manager Chris Birks and newly mobile Technical Support Engineer, Joe Turnick tell the Journal.
Member News
25 July 2018
Those unwanted build-ups in Engineering Lubricants
As the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man would tell you, moving parts are lifeless without the revitalising flow of lubricants, engineering fluids and coolants running across their surfaces.
Member News
25 July 2018
ABB Ability Smart Sensor for motors enables operators or maintenance crews to check the condition of
The low voltage (LV) motor is the workhorse of industry, driving conveyors, mixers, pumps and fans. Monitoring the condition of each LV motor is a complex and costly challenge. That all changes with ABB’s smart sensor technology. Now tracking the motor’s health is as simple as opening a smartphone app.

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