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Apprenticeships in the Service and Repair Industry

The AEMT can guide its members through the process of training an apprentice, by recommending how to source funding, choosing a training path for your apprentice, and how to fill the gaps missed by your local training college. 

Whether your company is registered in England, Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland, depends on the funding available to your business. The apprentices age also limits the funding available. Local colleges offer a varied set of skills, depending which standard you opt for. The most common of which are the Maintenance, Operations and Engineering Technician (MOET) or the Mechatronics standards. Each of these standards vary widely depending on the college your apprentice attends.

Apprenticeships into the service and repair industry will usually be pitched at a level 3 advanced apprenticeship ending up with an Engineering Technician (Eng Tech) qualification recognised by the Engineering Council.

Anyone can apply for an apprenticeship, so long as they are over the age of 16 and hold typically 3 GCSEs or equivalent at grade C in Mathematics, English and Science.

All apprentices will earn a salary starting at the national minimum wage. Working hours are at least 30 hours a week and the course can take between 36 and 42 months. 

Most training will take place in the workplace, so the skills learned are of immediate value to the employer.

Grants or funding are available to most people, but only those aged between 16-18 are likely to get their full training costs covered by the government. Similarly, companies with their head offices outside of England will have to contact their government for funding.

More information:

For those wanting direction and advice on apprenticeships with the repair and service sector, please contact the secretary at 

For information on the assessment of apprentices going the through the MOET or Mechatronics standard please contact the Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service on 0845 077 99 22 or email

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