AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

Friday, 28th January
Event: Innovation Engineering System Virtual Workshop
Venue: Online (Zoom)
Start/End Times: 10.30 - 12.30
AEMT Member meetings are a fantastic opportunity to meet, learn and network with professionals in the electrical and mechanical trades. They are hosted at different locations including the premises of Members and Associates around the UK. Presentations of a technical and business angle are given by specialists in their fields.

Event Details

This is a virtual 2 hour Introduction to the World leading Innovation Engineering System and its unprecedented benefits for companies and their clients. The workshop is intended for ambitious company leaders who see innovation as being vital to their company’s future.

The I.E. System has been developed over the past 35 years by Doug Hall, former Innovation Director at Proctor and Gamble and is World leading as it is the first and only data driven, evidence based, fully documented Total Innovation System with it patented Artificial Intelligence Advanced Research Software. It has the World’s largest database of over 30,000 Innovation projects developed with Global leaders – including Disney, Nike, P&G, American Express, Toyota, Ford etc to name but a few – and thousands of SME’s. I.E. is now taught in over 20 U.S. Universities and the current value of participant’s active innovation projects is $ US 19.5 billion!
1.Helping companies in achieving an incredible, industry leading return on their Innovation Investments

Sadly, the vast majority of companies have a poor return as their approach is random, slow and very costly – in essence they have no reliable, robust and repeatable System. In sharp contrast, I.E. helps companies increase innovation speed by 6 times, reduces costly risk by up to 80%, generates over 10 times ‘big ideas’, and generates 50% to 100% increased profits! Perhaps, more importantly, recent research evidence shows that the I.E. return on a $ US 3000 investment in I.E’s Quick Start course is an incredible, industry leading return of just over $ US 100,000!
2.Creates a dynamic Pipeline of new products/services vital in sustaining exponential profits growth.

Yet most companies have just ‘one off’, occasional innovation projects.
3.Developing highly trained staff who know how to innovate in becoming an ever more valuable company asset  

Highly trained Innovation staff know how to dramatically improve internal ‘work smarter systems’ and go beyond developing mere ‘Core’ innovations that just make incremental improvements – better, quicker, cheaper etc. which merely keep companies competitive, to creating ‘Leap’ innovations that deliver 

1) meaningfully unique benefits for companies and their clients
2) create original, non obvious, world leading innovations that disrupt the industry
3) are patentable
4) offer ‘wow’ benefits that companies will pay more for and
5) sustain exponential profits growth that normally generates over 50% company profits

Leaders who see innovation as vital to their company’s future should not miss this opportunity.


  1. Ideally an Owner.MD with a management team that normally meets regularly and has 25 to 250 staff

  2. Has to innovate regularly in products, components or services for clients. Yet is not ‘customer-led’ In merely delivering their customer’s specification, as customers may specify ‘what’ they need and ‘why’, leaving the ‘how’ to them in hopefully developing ‘breakthrough innovation’ solutions to the problem being experienced by their client.

  3. Has perhaps experience real benefits from investing in Lean or 6 Sigma, yet has not trained staff in a proven System for creating Meaningfully Unique products and services

  4. Leaders who are dissatisfied because they are currently achieving a poor return on their innovation Investments.

  5. Leaders who recognise the need to create an innovation pipeline that is vital in sustaining exponential Profits growth, rather than just ‘one off’ innovations.

  6. Leaders who have a genuine love of innovation and it is likely that they state innovation as a company Core value and live by it!.

The workshop will be facilitated by the Eureka!Europe team, who are licenced to facilitate I.E. throughout the U.K. and Europe. 

Event: Innovation Engineering System Virtual Workshop