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AEMT Ex Trainer and Assessor
Deadline Date:29 November 2019
How to Apply
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Profile of Individual

The AEMT are looking for a self-motivated, and detail orientated person, with a UK passport and driving license. They must be confident in their ability to present and teach on technical subjects. A knowledge of Ex Repair and Overhaul using IEC 60079-19 is essential, with a deep understanding of Ex and non-ex standards for electrical rotating equipment. The candidate must be willing to travel internationally on long-haul flights.

Who we are

You will be joining the AEMT Secretariat, a small team whose office is based in York.

AEMT Background

The heritage of the association starts all the way back in June 1945 just after the 2nd World War. Ever since then the association has adapted to the world and its markets to maintain its purpose in supporting and promoting their members.

In 1984, AEMT and BEAMA jointly produced the first Code of Practice for “The repair and overhaul of electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres”. The usefulness of the document was recognised internationally as the Ex repair standard, IEC BS EN 60079-19 first published in 1993.

Our members operate across many sectors. They manufacture, distribute, install, maintain, service and repair all kinds of systems such as: electric motors, inverter drives, HV machines, pumps, gearboxes, instrumentation and electronics, mechanical engineering, panel building, transformers and switchgear, and turbines.

The AEMT sits on many committees and standards boards to represent our members in the services they provide on the above equipment. We have chaired the update of the International Electro-Technical Commission’s (IEC) titled; Rotating Electrical Machines; the Repair, Overhaul and Reclamation (IEC 60034-23).

Our Ex Training modules concentrate on giving individuals a comprehensive understanding of hazardous area equipment repair standards so that they become competent when working with ATEX equipment. There is also a demand for other IECEx courses internationally on installation, maintenance, and inspection.

Your Role in the AEMT

  • Primarily to acquire certified competency in IECEx Units 001 and 005. 
  • To lead the Ex training course for Ex Hazardous Area Repairs, IEC Ex Unit 005
  • To Assess trainees on their competence for repairing Ex equipment 
  • To contribute to the improvements of the AEMT Ex training course.

Key Qualifications and Experience

At least 4 of the requirements below will be necessary for the job:

  • Conversant with ATEX requirements.
  • An understanding of Units 001 and 005 of IECEx Units, which will need to be passed in order to lecture for us.
  • A good knowledge of IEC 60079-14 (installation), IEC 60079-17 (maintenance and inspection), IEC 60079-19 (repair and overhaul), IEC 60079 protection concepts (Ex d, e, i, tD, p, o, m, n, c, etc.).
  • 10 years experience working in industry for a manufacturer or service and repair sector
  • Trained in teacher training or as a competent lecturer, with experience. 


Depending on experience

How to Apply

Please complete the following application form:  

Contact Details:

Thomas Marks on 01904 674 899 for more information.
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