AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

Wednesday, 8th July
Event: Get A Grip of Your Business
Venue: Online Webinar
Start/End Times: 10:00 - 11:30
AEMT Member meetings are a fantastic opportunity to meet, learn and network with professionals in the electrical and mechanical trades. They are hosted at different locations including the premises of Members and Associates around the UK. Presentations of a technical and business angle are given by specialists in their fields.

Event Details


Get a Grip of Your Business Workshop 

This practical free online workshop that has come highly recommended and is designed to help you lead your business forward...

Many successful business owners and business leaders work long hours and get less return on their investments of time and money.  

The workshop has been designed to give leaders practical solutions that they can go away and implement to overcome some common challenges that many people face. 

Lack of control over time, markets or your company. 

People who don’t listen, understand or follow through. 

Profit that’s inconsistent and/or there’s not enough. 

Growth happens, but you can’t break through to the next level. 

Quick fixes
 that come and go, bringing little changes with frustrations. 

Martin Andrew helped set up a travel franchise by the age of 21, before embarking on a 20-year journey in leadership roles.  Martin’s powerful and inspirational workshop will introduce you to the six key components of a successful business.  

Martin’s interactive style and experienced-based real world insight makes this an eye-opening event for growth-oriented business leaders. 

At the conclusion of this workshop, you will walk away with a set of simple practical tools that you and your leadership team can use immediately to focus on priorities, get clear on issues and gain traction together as a healthier, functional and cohesive team.  


AEMT Member Testimonials 


"It’s certainly opened my eyes, we were doing a lot of what is suggests, but not in a clip together and focused way, so we’ve been doing bits and pieces but by doing all of it [or at least 80%] we can push on I think with a real plan, processes and measures in place." Gary Downes, EMiR Software


"Well structured webinar ideal for smaller businesses requiring a push to take control and simplify their structure and processes. It will give you clarity and will send you away questioning your business structure and motivated to improve your current model." Shay Brazier, Central Group.


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Event: Get A Grip of Your Business