AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

Thursday, 17th November
Event: AEMT Conference
Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton, Coventry
Price: £99.00
Member Price: £67.50
AEMT Member meetings are a fantastic opportunity to meet, learn and network with professionals in the electrical and mechanical trades. They are hosted at different locations including the premises of Members and Associates around the UK. Presentations of a technical and business angle are given by specialists in their fields.

Event Details

The conference incorporates a program of speakers and activities for both service and repair centres as well as manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.

The full conference programme will be announced during the summer, but its focus will be on providing AEMT members with help and guidance on a range of topics of primary interest to the development of their businesses. Staff recruitment, development and retention, the adoption of smart technologies, the commercial value associated with circular economy and sustainability initiatives, and the support networks that can be accessed by those operating in the sector are all expected to feature in the conference programme.

A panel of renowned speakers will be invited to share their knowledge and expertise throughout the day in a series of talks, discussions and presentations specifically designed to be of tangible value and relevance to all AEMT member organisations.

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Conference Programme

09:30 AM - Welcome & Introduction/AEMT Update

(Shaun Sutton, President, AEMT & Thomas Marks, General Manager, AEMT)

10:00 AM - Make Better Service Decisions Using Data Insights From Connected Motors

(Magnus Dahlqvist, Global Service Product Manager, ABB)

10:20 AM - Innovation to Improve the Traditional Repair Offering

(Dr. Yogi Pardhi, Global Lead - Additive Manufacturing, Sulzer)

10:40 AM - Advancing Electric Motor Design Through Additive Manufacturing

(Ollie Hartfield | Advanced Research Engineer - Design and Build Production Solutions, MTC)

11:00 AM - Session Q&A/Discussion followed by tea/coffee break

11:40 AM - Tapping into the right support: things are different for SME's

(Leah Rider, SME Lead, HVMC (NCC Connect))

12:00 PM - Tomorrow's Engineers - the impact of direct engagement

(Nathalie Cachet-Gaujard, Head of Partnerships, Primary Engineer & Andy Patten, Business Development Director, ADC Electrical)

12:20 PM - Session Q&A/Discussion followed by lunch

13:40 PM - SME's & the cost of living: what can be done for staff?

(Prav Hayre - Digital Sales Support and Partnerships Team Manager, Croner)

14:00 PM - Engineering recruitment from the military

(Bryan Alexander, Employment Relationship Manager, Career Transition Partnership)

14:20 PM - Session Q&A/Discussion Breakout Sessions

14:40 PM - Session A: Demystifying PR: How to get your business noticed

(Chris Callander, Editor, Renew Magazine)

14:40 PM - Session B: Helping your social media content stand out from the crowd

(Ben Curran, Social Media Manager, AEMT)

15:20 - Close

Event: AEMT Conference