AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

Wednesday, 13th September
Event: Westin Drives Open Day
Venue: Cedar Court Hotel, Huddersfield followed by Westin Drives.
Start/End Times: 9:00am - 2pm
AEMT Member meetings are a fantastic opportunity to meet, learn and network with professionals in the electrical and mechanical trades. They are hosted at different locations including the premises of Members and Associates around the UK. Presentations of a technical and business angle are given by specialists in their fields.

Event Details

The AEMT partnered with Westin Drives for its northern meeting last month. The company had just finished a £1 million investment upgrading their facility, and were overjoyed to show it off to customers and members alike.

The day started with members meeting for networking and talks at the Cedar Court Hotel. Russel Auty took members through the installation of the Archimedes Screw at Cragside National Trust house in Northumberland, followed by Theo Kaffenberger of Von Roll, who shared his expertise in HV Insulation Systems, and the developments being made at Von Roll. 

The Open Day was hailed a great success with over 30 AEMT delegates joining the many dozens of guests already attending. Delegates met the Westin Drives team and learned about the wide range of company offerings, from rewinds and repairs to technical services and CNC precision engineering.

Guided tours of the workshop proved popular and there was particular interest in their new machining department and the demonstrations by engineer Matt Phillips.

The hand pumped locally brewed beer and hog roast went down well with visitors and it gave the team from Westin Drives an opportunity to chat with customers old and new.

If you are thinking of having an open day at your company; make sure you let us know so we can support your event in whatever way we can. 

Headline Speakers at Cedar Court Hotel, Huddersfield

Theo Kaffenberger

Global Technical Support for HV Insulation Systems
Von Roll Switzerland

Theo Kaffenberger's role as the Global Technical Consultant for Von Roll has taken him to advise on some major projects around the globe. Previously working for Siemens and ABB his experience and knowledge of HV insulation systems is second to none.

Representing Von Roll, Theo will be travelling from Switzerland exclusively to present to AEMT members and share his expertise, including: 

  • Mica and non-mica - based insulation products
  • Flexible insulation materials
  • Resins and varnishes
  • Covered speciality conductors
  • Composite insulation materials

His accomplishments and previous work include: 

  • Starting his career at ABB Power and Traction Transformer in 1986
  • Winding production for Turbo and Hydrogenerators for ABB Power plant generators
  • in 2000 he began with Siemens AG Power Transmission and Distribution, Division Cast-Resin Transformer
  • became head of manufacturing and supply for Siemens AG Service Rotating Equipment. 
  • and joined Von Roll in 2009 in his current roll.
  • he has also contributed to IEEE documents relating to litz wire in the insulation systems of generators for renewable energies.

Russel Auty

Regional Sales Manager

Russell will talk about the installation of the Archimedes Screw at Cragside House, Northumberland. The project has helped the National Trust bring the house back as a pioneer for hydro-electrical energy generation, which the house was initially known for back in the Victorian era when owned by Lord Armstrong, the  inventor, innovator and landscape genius. 

Agenda and Timings for Sep 13th

Timing Agenda (subject to changes)
09:00 Cedar Court Hotel - Networking, Coffee & Refreshments
09:30 Russel Auty - an overview of the Archimedes Screw installation at Cragside.
10:00 Theo Kaffenburger - an overview High Voltage of Insulation Systems.
11:00 Westin Drives Open Day


Event: Westin Drives Open Day