AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

Wednesday, 6th - Thursday, 7th April
Event: Coiltech Germany
Venue: Ulm, Germany

Event Details

The international exhibition for machinery and materials for the production of electrical motors, generators, transformers and winding.
Product categories featured at the show
  • Electrical steel;
  • Insulation materials and resins;
  • Magnet wire;
  • Laminations - motors and transformers;
  • Coil winding machines - motors and transformers;
  • Aluminium die casting;
  • Test equipment;
  • Impregnation and encapsulation equipment; 
  • Magnetic cores;              
  • Transformer coils;
  • Development software;
  • Bearings and permanent magnets;
  • Accessories - motors and transformers.
Event: Coiltech Germany