AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

Please note this Event is for AEMT members only.
Wednesday, 21st June
Event: AEMT’s 72nd AGM at AMRC, Sheffield.
Venue: The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, University of Sheffield
AEMT Member meetings are a fantastic opportunity to meet, learn and network with professionals in the electrical and mechanical trades. They are hosted at different locations including the premises of Members and Associates around the UK. Presentations of a technical and business angle are given by specialists in their fields.

Event Details

At the AGM the election of officers for 2017/2018 are endorsed, as well as the annual reports on the Association's progress and plans for the future. It is the main opportunity for Members to say how the Association can help and support Members and Associates in their businesses.

The 72nd Annual General Meeting for the AEMT will be taking place at 9:30am at the AMRC, Sheffield this year, on Wednesday, June 21st.

Items for the Agenda will include:

  1. *Minutes of the 71st AGM held last June at the The Vulcan Experience, Doncaster.
  2. Annual Reports by:
    1. President – Graham Brooker
    2. Secretariat
  3. *Annual Accounts by Treasurer Gary Downes
  4. *Auditors Report
  5. *Articles of Association
  6. Member Subscriptions
  7. Election of Officers
  8. Election of other Council Members
  9. Other Council Members listed.
  10. Any other Business
*Please see the agenda below to download these items.

The accounts, report on the accounts, and articles of association will be published before hand on the event webpage – any questions should be raised to the secretariat on before the meeting.

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

2050 Factory Tour

The digital factory of the future is already being developed in the UK, under the government’s catapult initiatives. Just like the NAREC Offshore and Renewable Energy Catapult AEMT members visited in 2014, the AMRC is a High Volume Manufacturing Catapult centre focusing on improving the nations productivity. Industry 4.0 is very much where manufacturing plants will be heading very soon, and the AMRC is the best place to understand how the developing technology will affect AEMT businesses.

The state of the art factory, opened in April 2017 after a £43 million investment works with industrial and academic partners to bring together advanced technologies, such as robotics, augmented reality, and large-volume metrology. It stands to develop innovative, and integrated systems to ensure complex structures are assembled perfectly, the first time, and every time.

The fully reconfigurable facility addresses the rising need for high variation, and mass customisation manufacturing for a diverse range of engineering sectors.

Factory 2050 will respond to requests for new products to be manufactured by optimising its own operations, using ‘Big Data’ technology to process large volumes of information, collected from sensors on each machine, cell and the building itself.

View the video below for a more in depth overview:

Agenda and Timings for Jun 21st

Timing Agenda (subject to changes)
09:00 Door Open and Refreshments
09:30 Download (Member Only)AGM Meeting
11:00 Refreshment break
11:15 Facility Overview
12:00 Factory 2050 Tour
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Download (Member Only)Croner Solutions - Employment Law Update - Amanda Chadwick
Additional Download(s):
Speaker Biography- Amanda Chadwick (Croner Solutions) Based in North Wales, Amanda Chadwick is an experienced and well-known speaker, specialising in all areas of employment law, Health & Safety Law and Employee Well-being. 


Event: AEMT’s 72nd AGM at AMRC, Sheffield.