AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

Wednesday, 27th March 2019
Event: AEMT Northern Area Meeting
Venue: Labman, Seamer Hill Seamer, Stokesley North Yorkshire TS9 5NQ
Start/End Times: 09:30 - 15:00
Price: £35.00
AEMT Member meetings are a fantastic opportunity to meet, learn and network with professionals in the electrical and mechanical trades. They are hosted at different locations including the premises of Members and Associates around the UK. Presentations of a technical and business angle are given by specialists in their fields.

Event Details

Labman Robotics is a unique company run by a unique individual! Based just north of the Yorkshire Moors in Seamer village, Andrew Whitfield’s Labman Automation facility builds bespoke turnkey robotic solutions for use in product testing and scientific research. AEMT Member’s were very lucky to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the company for their northern area meeting in March.

Labman’s state-of-the-art headquarters are surrounded by beautiful countryside, and intended to engage the visitors attention immediately with huge slabs of timber cladding on the entrance. The open-plan facility is designed so that no hierarchical divisions hinder the constant flow of ideation. A large blue climbing wall, and fireman poles connecting the mezzanine landing to the ground floor could be seen as a flight of fancy, but it has enabled the company to attract crowds of young talented engineers who are critical for the development of the mechatronic systems and virtual worlds. Young employees benefit from bucket loads of enthusiasm, and can afford to take risks, which is an important ingredient to the success of the company. 

While presenting to AEMT members, Mr. Whitfield explains that when you acquire a Labman system, you are buying a unique one-off piece of kit invented by the team, so mistakes are likely! Don’t worry though, troubleshooting is expected, and all part of the package.  

Focusing on robotics, we were also very honoured to have FANUC’s Tom Bouchier at the event, providing members with an update on the company’s direction and their new line of collaboration robots. The UK’s uptake on robotics has been much slower than most European countries, although growth is certainly happening, it’s important we catch-up for fear of losing the essential skills required for the future. “In most European countries that FANUC covers they see a lack of robot programmers and engineers. That is hampering companies from automating their production sites at the pace they would like to.”

Jennie Gordon made AEMT Honorary Member

At the end of August 2018, Jennie Gordon retired from MGC Systems. Many will have met Jennie at AEMT meetings, who is easily recognisable with her flush of bright red hair.

Jennie has supported the AEMT for many years, encouraging several members to join over time. Although retiring from work, she still hopes to attend meetings to keep up with industry news, and the lifelong friends she’s made through the association.

At the AEMT northern meeting at Labman Automation, Jennie was presented with honorary membership in recognition for her years of support. 

Honorary member’s of the association are awarded to those who have made a special dedication to the association throughout their career. They are awarded at the discretion of the council. Honorary member’s benefit from a lifetime membership with all the perks of being a regular member. They are also invited as honoured guests to regional events.


Agenda and Timings for Mar 27th 2019

Timing Agenda (subject to changes)
09:30 Arrivals, coffee and networking
10:10 Welcome from AEMT President Gary Downes
10:15 AEMT Update
10:30 Andrew Whitwell, Labman Managing Director - 'Taste the hinterland of the technically estranged'
11:15 Download (Member Only)The Future of Robotics - Tom Bouchier, FANUC UK Managing Director
12:00 Coffee break
12:15 Tour of Labman
13:00 Lunch and networking
14:00 Optional bouldering on the climbing wall
15:00 End of the meeting


Event: AEMT Northern Area Meeting