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Quartzelec Ltd (Rugby) (Branch: Rugby)

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Castle Mound Way, Central Park
Rugby CV23 0WB
T: 01788 512512
F: 01788 542350
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Quartzelec is a leading independent electrical engineering group delivering design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance solutions to Industry, Infrastructure and the Commercial and Service Sector. With extensive facilities in the UK and overseas, Quartzelec delivers resource and expertise on a local level to an extensive client base.

Quartzelec's workshop facilities in the UK also incorporates the Quartzcoil business, which provides OEM's and service providers with a wide range of LV/HV stator coils and bars.

A leading technical authority in the field of LV and HV electrical motors and generators, Quartzelec can provide total maintenance and engineering solutions for AC and DC applications which includes; overhaul, repair, rewind, inspection testing and outages.

We also provide service and support for the associated excitation control, protection and synchronising equipment.

We are well recognised for our expertise in the field of condition monitoring and our LIFEVIEW® system offers users of HV machines multiple options for either permanent or mobile monitoring. Specifically partial discharge monitoring and shaft voltage and air gap magnetic flux.

In addition, we have developed a range of rotating machine specialist products which are available to owner/operators, OEM's and other support vendors to enhance efficient operation, safety and longevity.

We have established a strong presence in the Middle East, with our office and workshop facility in Abu Dhabi and through our business venture Maser Quartzelec Services Sdn. Bhd; cementing our position as an independent service provider in the Asian locality.

Quartzelec is a viable alternative to the OEM for the maintenance and support of electrical machines including sophisticated condition monitoring and risk assessment of high voltage motors and generators.

We are in a privileged position to be able to provide strategic spares for those machines previously manufactured by our heritage companies, which include; GEC, GEC Alsthom, AEI and BTH. We are also able to source and manufacture strategic spares for those machines of other OEM manufacture. Equally we offer effortless replacement of our legacy machines with a 'Plug & Play' replacement or 'Drop In' machines for other OEM manufacturers, electrically and mechanically interchangeable. Quartzelec today employs over 600 people internationally.

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