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80-1 Shin-Chon Dong Changwon City
Kyeongnam 641-730
South Korea
T: 0082 55 2863112
F: 0082 55 2863113
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ISO 9001 Quality Systems


Hankukcisco is an excellence generator and industrial motor repair and maintenance company, who is making their best efforts to eliminate customer's problems and to furnish best quality services since their establishment in 1988, based on rich experiences and technologies acquired from collaborated work with noted manufacturers. For more reliable and quality services we are employing the most up-dated instruments to predict source of problems and let the customer plan maintenance at appropriate timing. Services include: Repair and rewind of generators and industrial motors, A.C. Motor redesign, Laser alignment, Field balancing, Vibration analysis and Mechanical repairs.

Approved Repairer for:

Baldor Electric

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Sales and Service of:

  • Electric Motors
  • High Voltage Machines

Electric Motors

  • Generators
  • Low Voltage Motors (LV)
  • Medium Voltage Motors (MV)
  • DC Motors

High Voltage Machines

  • High Voltage Machines (HV)

Services Offered

  • Rewinds HV
  • Rewinds LV
  • Rewinds MV
  • Maintenance
  • Removal & Installation
  • Repairs
  • Sales & Service

Condition Monitoring

  • HV Motor Analysis
  • LV motor Analysis
  • Laser Alignment
  • Vibration Analysis

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