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SW Electrical Repairs Ltd

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Ashley Street Off Princess Way
Burnley BB12 0BE
T: 01282 452411
F: 01282 830167
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ISO 9001 Quality Systems


Rewinds, repairs of AC/ DC motors, gearboxes, transformers, magnets and Pumps. Repairs of DC, Variable speed and slipring motors a speciality. All machine work carried out in our fully equipped workshop. Inverter sales, installation and commissioning. Ex Flameproof sales and service. Marine motors, on/off shore work. Thermographic surveys. Stockists of new motors. Large stocks of reconditioned motors.

Approved Repairer and Distributor for:


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Sales of

  • Low Voltage Motors (LV)
  • Medium Voltage Motors (MV)
  • Drives & Inverters

Sales and Service of:

  • Electric Motors
  • Drives & Inverters
  • Transformers and HV Switchgear
  • Mechanical Engineering

Electric Motors

  • Low Voltage Motors (LV)
  • Medium Voltage Motors (MV)
  • DC Motors

Services Offered

  • Rewinds LV
  • Rewinds MV
  • Marine Repairs
  • Removal & Installation
  • Repairs
  • Sales & Service

Transformers and HV Switchgear

  • Transformers Repair

Condition Monitoring

  • Thermography

Workshop Location: