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Van Der Graaf (UK) Ltd

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Unit 23 The Metro Centre, Welbeck Way, Woodston
Peterborough PE2 7UH
T: 01733 391777
F: 01733 391044


Van der Graaf originated over 50 years ago when a Dutch engineer started a company to repair and manufacture transmission parts, which were in short supply after the Second World War. The products soon developed to meet a growing market and Van der Graaf has now grown into an internationally known manufacturer and exporter of top quality Power Transmission parts, their speciality being the 'G.V.' Drummotor Drive or Motorised Drum for Belt Conveyors. A large dealer network ensures Van der Graaf products are known, sold and serviced worldwide. Their range of products also include Shaft Mounted Gearboxes, Power Take Offs, Soft Start Powder Couplings and Friction Clutches. Whatever the conveyed product, Van der Graaf Drummotors can handle it. The range starts with the tiny 100mm dia. to the massive 800mm dia. Power range extends from 0.05kW to 132kW, so they can serve several industries, from the Poultry industry to Mines and Quarries.

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