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Sulzer (Commutators)

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Camp Hill
Birmingham B12 0JJ
T: 0121 766 6161
F: 0121 766 1716


Commutators:- The design, manufacture and refurbishment of commutators, sliprings and mica products. CAD design which calculates and displays dynamic stresses and overspeed characteristics. In-house production of all components for any size of commutator from 20cm to 5.00m. Testing and seasoning. Quality assured to ISO9001:2008.

Formed Coils:- Sulzer offers comprehensive design and manufacturing services for all low and high voltage formed coils. With over 50 years' experience our in-house copper drawing and rolling mill, supported by substantial stocks of continuously cast soft copper rod, has the ability to manufacture resin rich coils and bars with a slot portion of up to 7m coils. Genuine 24/7 emergency production capability, means we produce coils of the size and quality demanded by our clients in the shortest delivery times. Backed up by industry respected engineering support and bespoke Hydro and CAD design capability, we deliver to many world standards, including IEC 60034-1, IEC 60034-15, ESI 44-5 and ESI 44-7 with Quality Assurance to ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004

With coil designs across Diamond, Hairpin, Generator Bars and Armature Coils, we supply solutions for all industries, including power generation, hydro power, petrochemical, marine and general industry alike. Sulzer is the partner of choice for many of the world's leading machine manufacture and repair organisations.

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  • Commutators and Sliprings

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