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Do you struggle to have an accurate cost of the work you're carrying out?

Are you charging your customers correctly based on up-to-date information?

Knowing and understanding costs is a key element of any business. not having an accurate and up-to-date cost for each job means that you can't compare it to your budget or the quoted price. Finding out that a job is unprofitable long after it is completed, and the customer is invoiced will mean unexpected losses that will affect your profitability.

Successful electro-mechanical businesses have a system that captures costs electronically at the time they're incurred, even if it's outside of the workshop. This means they have instant visibility of all costs and a comparison to the estimates and budgets targeted. Using a system like this also eliminates the limitations associated with capturing job information using paper-based job sheets and delivery notes.

At Solutions in I.T., we produce the market-leading ERP business management solution: EMiR. We have more AEMT members as our customers than any other comparable software, and there's a reason why! The system is specifically designed for the worldwide electro-mechanical industry including companies specialising in electric motors, drives, pumps, gearboxes, control panels, generators & compressors, and hydraulics & conveyors.

EMiR is made up of 19 feature-rich Modules and Extensions including Smart Site (our mobile app for site engineers) and Time & Attendance (barcode-recorded job information); all working to keep your organisation on-track, informed and profitable.

Are you interested in finding out how EMiR can work for your business? Contact us on the details above or take a look at our website!

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