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Quartzcoil Ltd

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Castle Mound Way, Central Park
Rugby CV23 0WB
T: 01788 512512
F: 01788 512617


Quartzcoil is today recognised as a leading supplier of electrical windings for a wide range of AC/DC applications in both the service and manufacturing arenas. Recent and extensive investment in state of the art technology complemented by a wealth of experience and knowledge with a skills base resulting from decades of development and problem solving allows Quartzcoil to provide innovative solutions for customers around the world, manufacturing to the highest of standards. Capabilities include: HV & LV stator coils- resin rich or VPI, HV & LV stator bars, DC armature coils and bars, equaliser windings, strip on edge rotor coils, turbo rotor coils, com-pole and main-pole coils, compensating bars, coils, shunt coils, and copper details. Quartzcoil also produce a wide range of fibreglass insulation products to complete winding kits for electrical machines of all sizes and types.

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