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Paramount Conductors Ltd - Formed Coils

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32 MIDC Industrial Area
Nagpur 440 028
T: 0091 7104 237288
F: 0091 7104 235288


Manufacturers of coils up to 15kV - 120MW in a 1200sq metre dust free workshop. Manufacturing stator coils, Roebel Bars, armature coils, field/interpoles coils, rotor bars, lifting magnet, vibrator coils and transformer coils, winding kit. Fully equipped with Paramount PLC controlled looping machine. PLC controlled stator coil shaping machine for long coils up to 5000mm. PLC controlled coil moulding press for a straight length of up to 6000mm. CNC controlled coil taping machine. Micafil, Switzerland, strip on edge winding machine for field and interpole coils. Transformer coil winding machine 2500 dia x 3500mm. long, 10 ton wt. Vacuum impregnation plant - 3.1 metre dia x 2.7 metre.

Manufacturers of Coil Winding machines for HV motors, Generators, Lifting Magnets and power transformers. Testing equipment for High Voltage Motors, Generators and Power transformers.

Manufacturers of copper/aluminium wire and strip -Class F/H/C. A complete plant with machines and test equipment required for the manufacture of enamelled wire/strip and submersible winding wire. The winding wire and insulated conductor division manufactures enamelled wire with, fibre glass yarn, Dacron Yarn, Kapton, Nomex, Mica, paper and cotton covering. These include Varnish bonded double glass /Dacron yarn covered varnish bonded, Enamelled double glass /Dacron yarn covered varnish bonded, Enamelled/polyester taped glass /Dacron yarn covered varnish bonded, Enamelled/Kapton/Nomex/Teflon/Mica/cotton covered, and Kraft paper double/multi covered.

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