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P.A.R. (Insulation & Wires) Ltd

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Foxwood Close, Foxwood Industrial Park, Sheepbridge
Chesterfield S41 9RB
T: 01246 261828
F: 01246 261830


Established in 1983, P.A.R. is a specialist company providing products and systems for the manufacture and repair of electrical and electronic equipment in the power generation, power distribution and power consumption industries.
Our industry leading stock range provides a single source for the electric motor repair and service industry. Our stock range includes:

  • Copper & Aluminium winding wires & strips
  • Low & high voltage flexible insulations
  • Rigid insulations & CNC machined parts
  • Cables & insulating sleevings
  • Adhesive tapes, woven tapes & tying & bracing cords
  • Varnishes, resins & paints
  • Brazing & soldering alloys & fluxes
  • Cleaning fluids, solvents & lubricants
  • Spare parts and consumables from our group company Electric Motor Components (E.M.C.)

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  • Oils and Greases
  • Insulation
  • Varnish
  • Wire

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