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Jones Stroud Insulation Ltd

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Queens Street, Longridge
Preston PR3 3BS
T: 01772 783011
F: 01772 784200


A Member of the Krempel Group

Manufacturers of Electrical Insulation Materials with a wide range of Class F and H products including;

  • Novobond (resin rich micapaper composites);
  • Novopore (micapaper composites for VPI processes);
  • Novofilm (polyester film backed resin rich micapaper composites);
  • Conductobond (polyester film micapaper composites for conductor insulation);
  • Hypertex F (DMD composites);
  • Hypertherm F (Nomex polyester film composites);
  • Polyrod pultruded sections (e.g. wedges);
  • Hyperfil (epoxy preimpregnated glass fabrics);
  • Hyperten 2000HP (moisture resistant glass banding tapes);
  • Hyperseal (sealing tapes);
  • Vidacord (bracing cords for both Resin rich and VPI applications);
  • Vidatape (woven glass and polyester tapes);
  • Wide range of Vidaflex insulating sleevings complying to BS, NEMA, and UL specifications;

Stockists throughout U.K. Approved under BS EN ISO 9001:2015, Cert No. Q5045. QS9000 Cert No. FM76030.

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  • Insulation
  • Varnish
  • Wire

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