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Yilmaz UK Ltd

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Unit 4 Oakwell Court Oakwell Way
Birstall WF17 9LU
United Kingdom
T: 01924 284320


Yilmaz Reduktor is an industrial gearbox, electric motor and variable speed drive manufacturer. Yilmaz manufacture gearboxes with a nominal torque capacity up to 900,000Nm, ELK electric motors up to 315kW and variable speed drives up to and including 630kW. All products are manufactured in Europe with two year warranty and quality assurance to ISO9001. Yilmaz UK Ltd are an assembly centre based in Birstall, West Yorkshire and are able to offer products from UK stock for same day delivery. Yilmaz also offer products which are designed specifically for Crane, Agitator, Water, Bandsaw, Extruder, Conveyor, Elevator and Concrete mixer equipment.

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