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Megger Limited

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Archcliffe Road
Dover CT17 9EN
T: 01304 502100
F: 01304 502307


Megger has, for more than 120 years, been making electrical test and measurement equipment easier to use, ensuring you can focus on the item under test and not the tester. It has a reputation for high quality testers that are tough, reliable and productive.

Insulation testing was the foundation on which the brand was built. It has extended its range from dc testing at 5 to 15kV, to include dc withstand testing, VLF (very low frequency) testing and ac insulation and tan DELTA testing for insulation condition assessment.

Low resistance or Ducter testing is another area in which Megger specialise, manufacturing a selection of dedicated winding resistance ohmmeters. Recently Megger has expanded its range of partial discharge detectors to include hand held survey systems.

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