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PLD Collettori snc

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Via Cavallara 18
36040 Valdastico (VI)
T: 0039 0445 745097
F: 0039 0445 745072


PLD Collettori has been manufacturing Commutators since the '80's. Intense investment and innovation quickly made PLD Collettori one of the leading Italian companies in its sector. Its range of individual products is one of the widest on the market, from standard motor axis height productions of 250/800 mm right up to over 2000 mm for products outside the standard range. Constructive solutions for prototypes, special motors, and motors out of production, and even just one single part when necessary. That is why both the leading European DC motor manufacturers and small repair companies request our assistance in the development of new models or the retrofitting of older motors. Products: V-Ring, banded, shrinked commutators. Construction with block risers, flag risers, LPR.

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  • Commutators and Sliprings

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