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ATB Morley

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Ruskin Street, Stanningley
Leeds LS28 6QA
T: 0113 257 1734
F: 0113 257 0751


If you are seeking to replace an obsolete motor or to upgrade an existing one, then ATB Morley should be your first port of call. Founded in 1897, the company provides a leading replacement motor service, to enhance your on-site productivity. All motors are designed and manufactured in-house to customer specific requirements. Working from existing drawings - or physical measurements taken on a site visit - we will design the motor to match all the interfaces such as: terminal positions, shaft height, flange or feet positions. The electrical characteristics of the original machine will also be replicated to ensure operation with the existing application. With a emphasis on performance and reliability, why not get in touch with ATB Morley today, to see how much our modernised retrofit motors could save you.

Benefits include: Full compatibility with the existing application Bespoke design & construction Reduced engineering costs Increased product lifetime Reduced maintenance times High reliability; ideal for critical applications High efficiency; with the potential to increase output Reduced frame size and weight Reduced noise emissions

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