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Using the AEMT Logo as a Member of the AEMT

As a member of the AEMT, you are entitled to use our logo in your company communications and publications in order to link yourselves with a professional organisation.

In the links below you will find the AEMT in various different formats, for use online, in print and in MS Office products such as Word.

Link to your Profile Page

Also in the links below is an HTML document. To add the AEMT logo to your website; ask your web developer to alter the link in the HTML to point to your profile page, this will add credit to your membership with the AEMT.

Ex Registered Members

For Ex Registered members, there is an alternative logo to signify your accreditation as an Ex Hazardous Area Repairer, as above, make sure you link the logo to your profile page on our website to add credit to your membership.

AEMT Stickers

Van stickers and window decals are available at no charge. Please make an enquiry using the form on the right.

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