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AEMT SKF Bearing Maintenance Courses

AEMT SKF Bearing courses.

The most critical element of any rotating piece of machinery will ultimately be the bearings. They are the most common cause of equipment failure and can be the centre of some of the most expensive break downs. Immense pressure is on repair companies these days to provide high quality repairs at low costs. Knowing how to both identify the root cause of bearing failure and repair the machine to a standard that is better than when it was originally made is the key to great service.

The AEMT and SKF have developed this 4 day bearing course; Covering all the necessities engineers, technicians and workshop employees need in order to understand the technical aspects of rotating machinery’s bearings.

SKFs training courses have been developed with over 100 years of experience and knowledge of rotating equipment reliability.

The benefits of the course are numerous:

  • Achieve higher levels of personnel and machine efficiency.
  • Eliminate machinery problems and increase reliability and productivity.
  • Enhance plant safety
  • Stop problems before they happen by addressing the root causes.

Target Audience

This course is recommended for service, maintenance, machine repair, or plant/facility engineering staff of an industrial plant, OEM facility, institution, public utility or commercial building which uses rolling bearings and related equipment.

Managers and technicians at industrial plants and OEM facilities responsible for rolling bearing performance and reliability.

Rotating equipment engineers, reliability engineers, millwrights, mechanics, and maintenance supervisors

Those interesting in rolling bearing and rotating equipment performance.


There are no assessments during the course. All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance for the three day course certified by the AEMT and SKF.

Module 1 - Bearings Maintenance, Service and Root Cause Damage Analysis

Days 1 and 2 will focus on how to improve the service life of rolling bearings, which improves the reliability of rotating equipment. It will also provide the background and methodology for analysing failed and damaged bearings and their components according to ISO 15243. Delegates will learn to uncover the true root causes of bearing damage and failures, and reduced service life.

Course Outline

Module 2 - Bearings in Rotating Machinery Applications

Days 3 and 4 focuses on the four most common types of rotating equipment: motors, fans, pumps, and gearboxes using a system approach to machinery life extension. Familiar machinery is used as a starting point to teach/learn world-class techniques for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair that can be carried over to all types of rotating machines.

Course Outline

Course Bookings

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A 10% discount  is applicable on April's AEMT SKF Bearing Courses.

Only £395+VAT per module.
Usually £440+VAT

Offer ends 7th March 2016

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