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Member News
11 August 2017
Teco has recently been successful in obtaining Ex Motor certification for equipment used in explosive atmospheres.
Member News
08 August 2017
Hospitals running out of oxygen
In an urgent emergency, Berlin-based motor manufacturer Menzel Elektromotoren saved the day by delivering a spare motor on extremely short notice.
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04 August 2017
Parsons Peebles, are pleased to announce the launch of their new medium and high voltage standard motors extending their current portfolio of engineered and drop-in replacement solutions.
Member News
31 July 2017
The laboratory has two test stations. One can be used with large motors and other equipment up to 40
Motors, drives, gearboxes and generators manufactured by Lammers Exico can now be tested in-house in the new test and certification laboratory built at the company’s technology centre in the German town of Rheine.
Industry News
27 July 2017
Industrial Heritage and Archaeology are fast becoming popular topics in many communities up and down the country. They are the legacies of our past, representations of the industries that once supported our families and created our towns and cities.
Member News
27 July 2017
The impressive machine shop at Goltens Dubai.
There are an increasing number of AEMT Members who can offer specialist services for the marine and shipping industry. Marine grade motors, propulsion systems, ballast pumps, gearboxes, turbines and generators makeup a small portion of the plant that require attention from AEMT members. Services on offer range from the replacement of parts and systems to the full turn-key overhaul of a vessel. One member who offers a full turn-key service is Goltens, and one of their sites, found at the Dubai Maritime City (DMC), is an impressive place to visit.
Member News
27 July 2017
Westin Drives presents an attractive blend of old and new.
A former textile mill in Huddersfield which played its part in powering the Industrial Revolution is witnessing another revolution. Steve Ashman of Solutions in I.T. spent a day at Westin Drives to discover how it is benefitting from a £1m-plus investment.
Member News
27 July 2017
Left to right; Steph, Susan, Karen And Kevin.
The dark art of understanding carbon brushes is best left to the experts. The AEMT visited Anglo Carbon near Leeds to understand more about the family company, and their expertise in conducting electricity. Kevin Wray, MD of Anglo Carbon, along with siblings Susan and Karen, met with us and elaborated on their focus of the rotating electric machines market.
04 July 2017
Major Brands Support Inaugural AEMT Awards
Operated by the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) and produced by Touchwave Media, the AEMT Awards will for the first time acknowledge the skill, effort and sheer dedication of the people and businesses serving this large sector of industry.
03 July 2017
Gary Downes becomes President of the AEMT
Gary accepts the chains of office from Graham Brooker at the AGM, making him the first associate to become president of the AEMT.

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