AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades



There is an acute shortage of experienced engineers to Rewind and Repair Electric Motors and Generators.

Electric motors drive pumps for water, compressors for industrial air and fridges, lifts in offices and hotels, fans and pumps in heating systems, and the machinery in factories.

Without motors the world would stop! Gas, oil, and water are all pumped by electric motors. Ships generate their own power, which drive the propulsion motors. Trams, trains, cranes, and forklifts are driven by traction motors. Power stations and Wind-farms need their power generators and electric motors maintained and repaired.

About 60% of industrial power is used by electric motors. Many of them are special and require repair and maintenance by engineers who are highly skilled. These engineers have both mechanical and electrical skills, and their job is vital. There will always be electric motors that cannot be replaced for various reasons and need repairing.

The AEMT members have  been at the forefront of developments in the motor repair market. Codes of practice such as the Repair and Overhaul of Electrical Equipment for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres have been adopted as International Standards. Maintaining motor efficiencies by following the AEMT repair methods are seen as a key requirement by industrial users in this energy conscious world.

Its against this backdrop that the AEMT has developed its Motor Rewind and Repair Apprentice Scheme run by Loughborough College.

Loughborough Block Dates for 2017-2018

Block A: 13 Nov - 8 Dec
Block B: 8 Jan - 2 Feb
Block C: 26 Feb - 23 Mar
Block D: 23 Mar - 18 May

Contact Details

For more information on the Apprentice scheme at Loughborough College, including how to book apprentices on, costs, funding etc. please contact Robert Belcher at Loughborough College on 01509 515472 or email robert.belcher(at)